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Ryan & Ellen

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"As my wife and I started to look for the right builder to build our new home we began to understand that this was going to be very overwhelming process.  The internet was a great tool for us to get tips on how to choose the right builder, however,  there was so much information there that even that was overwhelming.  We had already purchased our lot in a new neighborhood that we really liked.  There were other builders building homes in the same neighborhood that we could have hired, although my wife and I really wanted to go with a new builder that has not built anything on my street to be sure that we got a fresh pair of eyes and new mind set for our project.  Typically when a builder builds multiple homes in the same spot the home naturally begin to mirror one another which is exactly what we were trying to avoid.  Working with Steve and Massimo has been the ideal situation. They understand that this was a big and important decision for us and our family. Domani Construction strives for the best and they understand that their customers have high expectations and they have met every one.” 

- Ryan & Ellen Decker, Manhattan IL

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